Professional Courier Delivery status Online Tracking

Enter tracking number to track Professional courier service, packet, cargo, parcel and get to know the delivery status online. Use our Android app to track on the go..!

Professional Courier Tracking Number


Professional Courier uses 7-11 digit tracking number for consignments. You should be able to see the tracking number on your slip given to you by Professional courier executives / agents while booking the parcel /consignment.

Each Booking slip has consignment number has combination 3 Alphabett, represent the Zone/District followed by 7-11 digits.(eg: PKD12345678).

Professional courier tracking number

While tracking your parcel you should use the 7-11 digit tracking number or mention the same it talking to Professional Courier executives.

Professional Tracking Online

This website is a simple tool to track Professional courier consignment status. Below are the instructions to track the order status.

  1. Get the Consignement / Ref. number or the reference number from the receipt.
  2. If you have the Consignement select the first button. If you have the Reference number, select the second button.
  3. After selecting click on the Track status button.
  4. The current status of your courier or parcel will be displayed.
Online tracking status of a professional courier Consignment number

Online tracking page can be found at You can check shipping rates, find locations through the official website. You can contact their customer service for any help.

Alternate Options To Track Professional Courier

We have below options in place to track the courier, if the online tracking system is not working

  1. Track With The Help Of Professional Courier Customer Care
  2. Customer care service can be contacted using Customer Care :(080) 22110641/42/43/44/45, 22230457, 22230459, 22247957.

  3. Professional Courier Customer Care E-mail ID
  4. Send an Email to the Professional Courier Customer care Requesting Track status.

  5. In case of not matching Consignment/Reference Number/Order Number
  6. The reasons could be 1 or more of the following:

    -Incorrect Consignment/Reference Number Number entry.
    -Invalid Consignment/Reference Number entry.The Consignment number varies between 7 to 11 digits only. Please re-check the numbers you have entered.
    -For multiple queries, please separate each Consignment or reference number with a comma only e.g. 111111,2222222,3333333
    -Incorrect Option Selection.You may have selected a Consignment option and entered a Reference Number, or vice versa. Please re-check your entry option.
    -There is no information on the Consignment/Reference Number/Order Number you have entered.Please try again later.

  7. Reach Out to Professional Courier Region Offices
  8. Contact Details of Professional Courier Region Offices are Listed here.

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